I am a photographer to the modern woman.


What I do is more than boudoir or pretty photos – it is an experience that will change the way you see yourself. I cannot wait to photograph you!



Robin Bonjour, ma belle -

 Ever since I was a little kid, I have been in love with photographing people. I would love to photograph you, too, and give you a photography experience that highlights how incredible you are.


I know how it feels to not always love our bodies or the way we look. But I also know how to photograph you to highlight your natural, raw beauty through black and white portraiture. I thrive on turning the everyday modern woman into my muse!

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I love traveling and traveling for clients. Where do you dream of being photographed? (please say Paris!) 

 I am from NYC, and will always be a city girl at heart. 


J'adore everything French – especially the language. 

 There’s nothing much better than fresh food, hot coffee, and meeting new people (hopefully you!). 


I’ve been a photographer since 19&*$#, and cannot imagine doing anything else!

 Robin loves creating images that speak through natural lighting, movement, and simple composition. 




Arroyo Grande, California photographer Robin Godfrey specializes in black and white boudoir photography for the modern woman that makes you feel as seriously cool, badass, and gorgeous as you already are. 

I am in the business of Celebrating women and inspiring confidence.

- Robin

You want to Look cool ... Like, Billboard COOL!

Boudoir with a little bit of a French Twist and a New York attitude. For the Modern Woman who truly wants to see herself in a new light.  



Robin was amazing, creative, and made me feel beautiful! I can not wait for another excuse to take photos with her!

– Mademoiselle Y.  

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