I am a photographer for

The Modern Woman.

I LOVE creating images that speak through natural lighting, movement, and simple composition.


We are all born inherently creative. We all have the capacity to bring beautiful things into this world and should be unapologetic about wanting to create them, whatever they are.





Arroyo Grande, California photographer Robin Godfrey specializes in black and white boudoir photography for the modern woman that makes you feel as seriously cool, badass, and gorgeous as you already are. 


What I do is more than Boudoir or pretty photos - it is an experience that will change the way you see yourself. I cannot wait to photography you! 



The New Yorker in me!

                                          Yes, That's moi (me) and my son. Circa 1992.

I grew up surrounded by the Arts of New York City going to Museums, Central Park, Broadway Shows, and ice skating at

Rockefeller Centre,

The Rockettes,

and Ringling Bros Circus, Concerts at

Madison Square Garden.


One of my all-time

favorite past-times

was walking down 5th Avenue during the Holiday Season and seeing those magical department store window displays and smelling chestnuts from the street vendors. 

That was always a

special treat!


The coolest day during those hot summer months, was riding the Carousel in Central Park while they blasted

THE BEATLES...Here Comes The Sun.

Why I shoot 

Black and White Images.

You'll notice all my images are black and white...which is my specialty. Yeah, It's always been my baby... processing boudoir images in black and white makes my heart sing. I have a true passion for monochrome I love the moodiness, sexiness the grain and all of the above.

It is my way for women to see themselves in a different light. I love the sex appeal it brings to my modern women portraits.

Sometimes I wonder if it's just the Gotham in me.

       My true authentic self.

    Arroyo Grande, CA| San Luis Obispo, CA


IG: @RobinGodfreyPhotography

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