Updated: May 9

I've always seemed to see the natural beauty in things, this is where my photography comes into play. The electricity that's running through my veins when I'm photographing a client is exhilarating to me, each time I feel like I'm about to jump out of my skin.

From the moment my client steps through my door my energy level goes through the roof. The laughter we share while posing and interacting with one another is extra special to me. Specializing in my craft means the world to me. Bringing BAD-ASS black and white "Femme Noir" portraiture for the Modern Woman and making you look cool as-well really rocks my world! Days in advance before my client's arrival, I'm prepping everything, cleaning, making sure my lenses for the camera are cleaned, batteries are fully charged and ready to go, buying the snacks, scented candles and most of all a little Prosecco too. An overall luxury experience. After my client leaves what she doesn't see is me culling the images, editing their images on my Wacom, making them their own personal slideshow for their reveal appointment. I love my job and yes, I am a one-woman show!

Please stay safe and we will get through this!

Can't wait to get back into shooting again! Xo, Robin