Dear God,Spirit and the Universe.

Well, I guess it's time to put out my request into the universe and etc. 

Because of my autoimmune disorder, the Coronavirus has been one of my biggest fears. The isolation from people and my friends is a painful one, especially because I am such people person. Yep, I have to be extremely careful of catching anything, because it will certainly take bring me down like many times in the past, and the recovery process is a long and grueling one.

Can I ever be with my friends and family again without wondering if I will catch Covid-19?

Yes, I'm asking God and the Universe to please guide me and help me get through this tough time.

My autoimmune disorder has taken my photography skills to another level entirely and more of a one and one basis. I love the connection that I'm getting with my clients and it's all about YOU vibe that I am feeling.

Thank you to the Universe for giving me this incredible craft that I love!